Our Quality Policy

We are committed, with each and every one of our clients, to elaborate and provide products that rise to the highest standards of quality regarding the required technical variables. This, we know, is achieved by a growing workforce that is properly prepared, trained and oriented; supported by the continuous improvement of our raw-materials purchase system, the quality of our management and all our productive processes.

We are

A company that promotes the advancement of processes focused on the improvement and upkeep of our environment and the circular economy of steel. We have a patented process that transforms industrial waste into synthetic magnetite using an innovative development.


We believe in human inventiveness, the recovery of industrial waste and the production of outstanding industrial supplies as alternatives that help alleviate the impact we have on our environment.


We conceive ourselves as a profitable company with high HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) standards, constantly developing innovative products for the iron and steel industry. We also want to elaborate other materials to meet the necessities of industries focused in developing processes and alternatives that contribute to a sustainable and environmentally healthy world.