We Produce Synthetic Magnetite

Green Magnetita S.A.S.

Green Magnetita

focused on an environmentally-responsible production of magnetite, leaving mining extraction out of the process. Our product has a high level of homogeneity —given that our process is completely industrial and achieves the required characteristics of magnetism, density, granulometry, and purity—, not only accomplishing what is required by the market, but far surpassing the quality of magnetite extracted through mining; our magnetite is not polluted by other mediums (such as sulfates and other non-magnetic materials) and the production process is controlled in all its stages.

We are proud of

Anticipating and contributing to the unavoidable transition that our planet requires towards a stabilized and efficient use of new materials, reused and/or recycled. We are also proud of the collaborations we have developed with our clients, who have already adopted this commitment towards our planet.


Our main factory is located in Sogamoso, Boyacá, Colombia. Our commitment to the environment has led us to fit our installations with the necessary equipment to collect and reuse rainwater, special filters to collect the dust we produce, and acoustic isolation to alleviate jarring sounds. We are in the constant pursuit of technologies that will allow us to improve all our processes.

Our clients

Cliente Coquecol Cliente Enerco Cliente EP Cliente Milpa
 Cliente Cerrejón Cliente Inter-american coal