We have produced Synthetic Magnetite since 2010.
Using a patented process we start with discards from industrial-waste deposits and, after several procedures, end up with Synthetic Magnetite of the highest quality. Our processes have allowed Green Magnetita to place its first plant, strategically, near Colombia’s most important steel industries.

Grade A and AA Iron Oxide

Oxido de Hierro
Hoja 1 seguridad Hoja 2 seguridad Hoja 3 seguridad

With the use of Green Magnetita industries help promote Circular Economies and contribute to the diminishing of climate change and its effects.

The proprietary process of Green Magnetita turns calamine (Iron oxide), which is a ferrous industrial discard, into magnetite, a highly functional and valued industrial material with a wide array of uses. This contributes to the demand of recycled and more sustainable materials, obtained through circular economies, the world is dictating right now. Our eco-friendly magnetite replaces natural magnetite, which is obtained through mining, thus avoiding multiple social and environmental effects —such as water and air pollution by microparticulate materials and gas emission (GHG)— generated by the processes of extraction, crushing, grinding, compaction, filtration, open air storage, and transportation of mined magnetite.

We provide our clients with a Certificate that confirms their use of Magnetite 100% derived from industrial waste. We believe in environmentally friendly practices as a way to add value to societies in general and our clients in particular.